About NintendoGamerClub.

About Us

Who We Are

Everyone in our team is big Nintendo fan. Love to the Japanese company and it's games goes from early childhood. We love Nintendo consoles, Nintendo games and everything they do.

Our Mission

On NintendoGamerClub we work hard to make the game for Wii U, Switch and 3DS discovery process easy and effortless for each and every user.

What We Do

Our website offers a comprehensive video games search engine and a catalog of curated games for actual Nintendo platforms. Here you can find new games to spend fun time alone or with family or friends.

With NintendoGamer.Club, everyone can search for new and popular video games, read our thorough reviews and mini-reviews of these games, compare and download them if they wish.

However, there are a few other things packed for you:

  • Read professional reviews of newest games.
  • Get game sales data around the world.
  • Discuss any game with other users via comments.
  • Get walkthrough, tips, and hidden secrets of any game (in development)

Join the biggest Nintendo Fan Community!

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