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Pokémon Ultra Sun

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Ultra Sun makes up for a lackluster storyline by giving you the best all-around gameplay of any Pokémon title so far, and also adds new characters and gameplay elements that boost the excitement.

Ultra Sun makes up for a lackluster storyline by giving you the best all-around gameplay of any Pokémon title so far, and also adds new characters and gameplay elements that boost the excitement.

Graphics: 4.5

The design of this installment is similar to other 3D Pokémon titles, packing that unique environment which has distinguished Pokémon. However, Ultra Sun has more color depth and better contrast. It gives you an expanded environment on Alola and other UI tweaks that make battles much easier. There’s also a bigger array of Pokémon to battle against and capture, and a wider cast.

Gameplay: 4.5

Ultra Sun maintains previous gameplay mechanics. You still embark on your quests in Alola, but the game is more expanded with the inclusion of the Ultra Recon Squad that comes from an alternate dimension. You’ll come across the Nebby, a legendary Pokémon, and Necrozma, who intends to steal the light from Alola. You can now traverse different dimensions through Ultra Wormholes that open up. Unlike previous Pokémon games where you were walked through training before choosing your first Pokémon, in Ultra Sun you are quickly assigned your first starter immediately and are given more free-roaming ability.

The aim is to train your Pokémon and fight or capture other Pokémon, building up your team and becoming the best trainer in Alola. Your creatures become more powerful as they gain fighting experience. My highlight was how you get introduced to the starters earlier, as well as that you spend less time grinding as you explore the island and battle other trainers.

Controls: 4.0

This might probably be my least favorite part of the Nintendo consoles, i.e., the fixation on motion controls. The precision takes a bit of time to get used to, and its only aided by the fact that you don’t need to input any crazy combinations whether you’re running, interacting, or configuring your rider. Again, you’ll probably not want to use motion controls for this particular game. Stick to your standard controls.

Replay Value: 4.0

Ultra Sun basically retains the same gameplay as the previous release, with much more expanded gameplay and side quests. The introduction of the Necrozma and other powerful opponents such as the Totem increase the game’s replayability. The story is a little complicated, but there are many individual details that make this particular title stand out from its predecessors. You won’t need to grind too much for new Pokémon either.


After clocking about 20 hours on this game I wished I could have skipped the previous Sun and jumped right to this one. The story tries to do too much at once and occasionally gets stale, and I admit I was a bit lost at times from jumping through side quests to coming back to the main storyline. However, Ultra Sun makes new additions and introductions which have vastly improved its creativity.



This version is so much better than the original Sun, and though it seems oddly familiar, playing this title is ultimately worth it..

Pros : Makes a variety of improvements.
Great sound and visuals.

Cons : The story picks up slowly and gets too complicated.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3

One of the best role-play games ever!
Everyone recommends to play it!
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