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BeamNG.drive is a fun, physics-based car driving simulation game that is available for the PC and Linux operating systems. The game is currently in the beta phase of development and I think it's going to be a great game when it's officially released. The developers are very active in the community and are constantly releasing new updates to the game.

While I'm not a huge fan of driving games, I have to admit that I've been having a lot of fun with this game. I've been playing it for a few weeks now and I've had many exciting moments driving all kinds of different vehicles on different maps. The driving physics are very realistic and the game is a lot of fun.

Gameplay 4/5

The main aim of BeamNG.drive gameplay is to drive a vehicle on a road. In this game, you can drive a car, truck, bus, and even a tank. In BeamNG.drive, you can customize your vehicle as your wish. You can add some decals, change the color of your car and much more. In the latest version of BeamNG.drive gameplay, you can also create your own map.

Graphics 5/5

BeamNG.drive has nice and detailed graphics. The developers spent a lot of time on the models of cars, buildings, trees and other objects. I really like the way they make the environment.

Replayability 5/5

The game has a lot of replayability because it has a very solid, complex, open-world, sandbox, physics-based gameplay. With the advanced game engine, it achieves a very high level of realism, which makes it possible to record a lot of interesting and diverse video clips. This is a game that will be played for years, so it will definitely have a high value of replayability in the future.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 5
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • One of the best action games ever!

    One of the best action games ever!

  • One of the best games for PC

    One of the best games for PC

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BeamNG.drive FAQ

  1. Do you offer BeamNG.drive download?
    While you can’t install the game here, we provide you with the links to the official stores of the game. You can enter the “Get Game” section and find the most suitable way to get the game there. Pick either platform you are using or the official store. You will be sent to the direct page of BeamNG.drive.
  2. Is BeamNG.drive Windows download available?
    Yes, you can get it on Windows from the Steam Store. You can also find the link in the “Get Game” section here, on this page. If you want to know more details about upcoming updates, you can also check the official website of this game. To download it, you need a Windows 7 system or later.
  3. Was BeamNG.drive full game released?
    This game is still in early access. The beta version was originally released in 2015. Since that time, BeamNG developers continue to come up with new updates for the game and fix minor bugs. You can already download and enjoy the game as it is completed. Besides, the developers might upgrade the game with more advanced features.
  4. Is BeamNG.drive free to play?
    No, this car simulator is not free of charge. BeamNG.drive costs $24.99. There are no discounts for this game. We believe that the price might rise after the developers release the full version of the game. If you are not sure whether you want to buy it or not, check the multiple videos with the gameplay. You can also try a demo.
  5. Is there a BeamNG.drive demo version?
    Yes, there is a demo version of the game. It is hidden from players on the BeamNG official store. However, you still can find it. Go to the website and find the “Techdemo” button in the general characteristics of the game. It is always wise to learn what you can expect from the game before you buy it.
  6. Is the BeamNG.drive game online?
    No, this is not an online game. You don’t have to stay connected to the Internet all the time. Moreover, you can easily enjoy the game in places without the Internet, like on the bus, or on the subway. However, you still need to have your PC to play it. Since this is a single-player game, you will not be able to invite your friends to join you.
  7. Are there different modes in BeamNG.drive?
    Yes, there are some. You can try free roam, where you can pick any car and explore the landscapes outside. In time trials, you have to pick the car and show the best possible results competing against yourself. There is a wide range of scenarios if you are tired and want to perform various tasks.
  8. Can you suggest similar games to BeamNG.drive?
    There are numerous games similar to this car driving simulator. For example, you can try Tricky Machines. If you want to play something that looks like BeamNG.drive on your Nintendo, PS, or Xbox, check out SnowRunner or Spintires. For mobile platforms like Android and iOS, check the Crash Drive 3. They are all races and car driving simulators with a wide range of vehicles.
  9. Were there new updates in 2021 for BeamNG.drive?
    Yes, the developers did not leave the game abandoned. This June, they changed the tire physics, which improves your experience in the simulator. The audience positively accepted the new change. BeamNG also fixed minor bugs during June and July. At the end of June, they announced a new Vulkan API, the experimental rendering mode.
  10. Is there a BeamNG.drive torrent you can suggest?
    No, we don’t recommend torrents here. They might contain viruses dangerous to your laptops and PCs. We believe that paying for the official version of BeamNG.drive is less expensive than buying a new device because the last one was gone because of the virus. You will find the links to official stores on this page.
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