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Mom Hid My Game!

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Mom Hid My Game! Review

Let me introduce you a little weird, yet funny and charming game called Mom Hid My Game. The whole point of it is exactly what the title says – you mom hid your favorite console for whatever reasons she had, and you’re desperately trying to find it.

Graphics: 3.5

I have to admit, the graphics probably won’t impress you. It’s rather basic, yet bright and discreet. The minimalistic styling may seem appealing at first, but soon you start to realize that it isn’t remarkable.

The good thing is, the design isn’t too bright or garish, and the blue background is pleasing to the eyes. The coloring doesn’t distract you from the gameplay, and that is definitely a good thing.

Gameplay: 4.0

Your main goal is to find your beloved handheld and not to get caught by your strict mother. She is hiding in various places, and if she spots you, you have to restart the level.

There are 50 levels aka ‘days’, and every new day you get to solve another puzzle to succeed. For me, the puzzles were quite easy, and there were no tough levels. Still, you can get a hint if you’re ready to play a simple memory game.

To solve the puzzle, you can interact with various objects and items which you have to find. There are also other characters and even animals that help your mother to have you away from your console.

The game has not much of a storyline, so we don’t even know exactly why the mom took the game away in the first place. As a character, she is a little weird but charming and hilarious. She will do whatever it takes not to let you play. I mean, is having four people riding their bikes right in your room a good idea? I don’t think so, but your crazy mom disagrees. And in Mom Hid My Game you have as many as 50 levels of such nonsense.

Controls: 4.5

You can use a touchscreen as well as a controller. For me, touch controls seem to be more sensitive, and some puzzles require such sensibility. You can still play with a controller, but it will take quicker reaction.

The button scheme is pretty inconvenient to operate, and it’s cumbersome to navigate through the whole game with it. For me, the touchscreen method worked well, but maybe you will get used to the buttons, too.

Replay Value: 2.0

For me, Mom Hid My Game has almost no replay value as you already know how to solve the puzzles. There will be nothing more but look for your console and use the same items you’ve used before.

The game costs only 4.99$, but it’s a tad expensive for a game that you will probably play for a couple of hours. Still, the game is amusing and funny, and if you want to relax playing your Nintendo Switch – go for it.


Mom Hid My Game is a challenging and hilarious, yet a little odd adventure game that will undoubtedly awake an echo in players’ hearts. The weird humor and the absurdity combined with the true-life concept – that’s what makes this game so charming and appealing.

On the other hand, the plot isn’t that elaborate, and the soundtrack may be too catchy and ultimately annoying. That is the kind of a game you’re going to play once, but you probably will be smiling the whole time =)



The hilarious and quirky adventure game for everyone who loves puzzles, bizarre humor, and funny characters..

Pros : True-life concept of your mom hiding your game console
Weird humor
Hilarious characters and situations
Hints and memory mini-game
Discreet styling

Cons : The puzzles are pretty easy to solve
The game only takes a couple of hours to complete
No replay value
Too catchy soundtrack

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 2

Average : 3.5

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