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Dr. Mario Review

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It’s the classic Dr. Mario game that has been released on the Virtual Console in 2014. The gameplay reminds that of the well-known Tetris, yet there are significant differences. In case you haven’t played it yet, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Graphics: 3.5

I have to tell you, the graphics are a little dull. If you’re playing on the GamePad alone, it’s hard to distinguish between the virus and the background as there is no clear contrast between them. This may make the gaming process a bit tricky and cumbersome.

As for the rest, Dr. Mario for Wii U features the good old 8-bit graphics that can make you a little nostalgic for the 90-s. The styling is friendly and familiar. For some of you, it may seem too old school, so it’s a matter of perception.

Gameplay: 4.0

As I mentioned before, the Dr. Mario gameplay looks like the Tetris one, but it’s a bit different. You have to destroy the virus with multi-colored vitamins. Line up these colored capsules with the viruses of the same color to get a minimum of four in a row and thus remove them. That’s your main goal, and it sounds pretty simple, right?

This is a bit harder than the same old Tetris since there is not so much space to operate the capsule. The faster vitamins drop and the less space is available, the more challenging the game becomes. Sure, you can rotate vitamins but this may be awkward or even impossible, so it’s better to pursue some kind of a strategy.

You can choose the difficulty level depending on what level of challenge you want – up to Level 20. This determines the number of viruses you start off with. Also, you can control the speed of the vitamins coming down. Once you clear all the viruses, you complete a level.

Controls: 4.5

The controls are quite standard, and there is nothing special. There are a single player mode and a multiplayer one, so you can compete with your friend. The gameplay is the same except for the second bottle with viruses for a second player.

If you play with a GamePad, your rival can use any controller they feel like using. All you need for rotating capsules are the D-Pad and one button. The first to win 3 matches win the contest. Also, it’s possible to give each player different difficulty settings so that the game experience will be more challenging.

Replay Value: 3.5

Dr. Mario definitely has some replay value. Selecting the capsules’ speed and the difficulty level, you get to pursue your strategy and master your skills. Playing with a friend can be pretty impressive, at least for some time.

The game costs $4.99, and I believe that is quite a reasonable price. If you like puzzle games like that, you probably will be happy to spend a couple of hours eliminating nasty viruses =)


Dr. Mario for Wii U is a decent puzzle game for all fans of the genre. Classic gameplay, pleasant soundtrack, and the multiplayer mode make up a good game to spend some leisure time playing on your own or with a friend.

The music may seem rather simple but it doesn’t distract you from the gaming process itself, and that is way more important. So, do you feel like playing the old school puzzle game? Then go for it!


  • Graphics 3.5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 3.5
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!

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