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Super Mario Galaxy

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It’s hard to believe that Super Mario Galaxy came out more than ten years ago. It still feels and plays like it came out just yesterday, with some of the most revolutionary graphics and gameplay of any Mario title ever.

Graphics: 5.0

The 3D worlds in Galaxy are beautifully designed, and there’s never a shortage of new things to look at. The game carries such depth and texture about it that you might just want to get absorbed in the surreal world. There’s lots of character variety, and the use of varying gravity as a gameplay mechanic truly sets Galaxy apart. The beautiful graphics are accentuated by the orchestral space soundtrack.

Gameplay: 5.0

In typical Mario fashion, your job is to retrieve Peach (and the Power Stars) who has been kidnapped by Bowser and carried off into outer space. Your journey takes you all the way through the universe on various planetoids in 3D, and you can use gravity as a mechanic here, walking upside down, leaping off the small planets and achieving other feats previously thought impossible with such a game.

There are 42 available galaxies in the game. Each galaxy has its own planetoids, and you can circumnavigate them and jump off one object onto another, which is the game’s most distinct feature. Inside the Comet Observatory which is your main hub, you can access six domes giving access to all the galaxies, and five of these domes end in a boss battle. Acquiring a Grand Star at the end of a boss battle unlocks another dome.

Power-ups include the Bee Suit, Boo Suit, Spring Suit, Fire Flower, Ice Flower and the Rainbow Flower.

Controls: 4.5

You can use the Nunchuck controller or the Wii Remote to move Mario or activate power-ups. Shaking and spinning the controllers to stun enemies is easy, and you can also balance out your movement with motion controls. Super Mario Galaxy is without a doubt the best application of the Wii Remote and the Nunchucks and perfectly syncs with the 3D environment, which may have otherwise been difficult to achieve with other gamepads.

Replay Value: 5.0

Galaxy has tons of different puzzles and levels which ultimately give the game its high replay value. Though the Rosalina angle didn’t quite cut it for me, the overall storyline is good enough. With the magic of exploration and discovery, there’s always something new to experience in Galaxy. Whether you are playing to beat the ultimate challenge or just experience the beautiful surreal worlds this game offers, you’ll definitely come back for more.


Galaxy is a true revolution of the Mario universe. The use of gravity as a mechanic was previously not a possibility, and Galaxy delivers this seamlessly and makes outstanding use of the Wii system and its GPU. This is a game that makes the cut for the legends, and anyone who has played Super Mario Galaxy will attest to how excellently every bit, from the soundtrack to the fluidity of controls, is delivered.  



Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best-implemented games in the Mario franchise and Nintendo overall, period!.

Pros : Beautiful graphics.
Exhilarating gameplay.
Offers a ton of levels.

Cons : Some camera angles in 3D obscure your view when evading obstacles.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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