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Human: Fall Flat Review

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Human: Fall Flat is a silly platformer with clumsy gelatinous characters and physics-based puzzles. Download Human: Fall Flat and try to find a creative way for every challenge.

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Graphics: 4

The world of Human: Fall Flat is completely untextured, but properly colored and shaded. It sure looks a little like a work in progress this way, but this visual style fits the sandbox-like gameplay perfectly well. And quite surprisingly, even the lack of detail helps the low-poly levels look decent. This simplistic approach helps you concentrate on the challenges and the realistic physics which are, of course, the main feature of this game.

Gameplay: 4.5

Human: Fall Flat literally drops you and up to 7 other players on a map which is a series of puzzles you need to solve. All of them are more or less physics-based, so you have to figure out what to do first, and then try to actually do that with the hilariously clumsy hands of your faceless avatar. Although it is funny for a few tries, battling the controls and repeating the same actions until you get lucky can actually feel a bit annoying.

Each map of the game has a distinct theme, ranging from industrial loading docks to a medieval castle, and the puzzles match those maps. For example, on the medieval stage, you can play with a catapult. All in all, puzzles are creative and fun, and solving them with friends is even more satisfying. Only a few of them rely on precise actions and thus require a lot of subsequent tries to get everything right.

Controls: 4

The controls are deliberately complex and difficult to learn, and that constitutes a good part of the game’s odd charm. You have an individual button to control each of your hands, and that makes even the most basic action a significant challenge. What is automated in other games, like climbing or holding items, demands quite a lot of effort here, but failing at such tasks is usually hilarious and fun to watch. Still, after a few repetitive failures, you tend to become annoyed by this, even if a little bit.

Replay Value: 3

Although the game encourages creativeness, the maps still consist of a limited number of pre-made puzzles. So after you finish the last of them, and that can happen as soon as in five or six hours into the game, you certainly won’t feel like starting it all over again. Well, at least by yourself, because the multiplayer mode adds a lot to replay value of the game.


To review Human: Fall Flat you might as well finish the game, but that doesn’t mean it is too short. The game just isn’t meant to be finished in one game session, instead, you are supposed to finish one map at a time and enjoy all the possibilities you can imagine. This way you can make the most fun out of it.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3
  • Everyone recommends to play it! Everyone recommends to play it!
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game

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Human: Fall Flat FAQ

  1. Where can I start Human: Fall Flat download?
    Although we neither sell games nor offer them for free on this website, we do provide useful links for you. Visit the “Get Game” section on this page. There is a direct link to the game at the Nintendo Store and its official website. You may choose the platform you want and open the store. It does not take much time.
  2. What about Human: Fall Flat Android download?
    Actually, there is an Android version of the game available for players. The game was released for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Apart from them, you can download Human: Fall Flat on Windows, Linux, macOS. You can choose Nintendo Switch, or consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Tap the links in the “Get Game” here.
  3. Is Human: Fall Flat free of charge?
    The game is not free. However, it costs only $4.99 for mobile platforms and $19.99 for Nintendo, Windows, and the rest of the platforms. The price is not that big, and you receive all the features available. Meanwhile, you can save money if you buy a Love Physics or Game and Soundtrack Bundle on Steam. There are up to 50 percent sales at the store.
  4. What do I need to get Human: Fall Flat full game?
    Every platform has its own demands. Before you buy the game, make sure it is compatible with your device. For example, Windows must be XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. The Mac version requires OS x 10.9 and higher. Android needs to be 5.0 and higher, and the iOS system is 8.0 or later.
  5. How much space do I need for the Human: Fall Flat game?
    The numbers vary based on the platform you use. iOS owners have to provide a 2.1 GB minimum to play the game. The Android version requires 43M. Linux, Mac, and Windows all need 500 MB minimum. Pay attention to the fact that you might need more space for the upcoming updates. Besides, you need a stable Internet connection to play online.
  6. Is Human: Fall Flat game online?
    There are two modes in Human: Fall Flat. You can choose either single-player or multiplayer to play with friends. If you want to enjoy the game with friends, you need to stay connected to the Internet. Up to 8 players can join the game at the same time. If you want to play solo, you can be offline. You can enjoy wandering around as a customizable human Bob.
  7. Are there new updates for Human: Fall Flat?
    The game celebrated its 5 years of activity recently. The developers decided to provide the competition of levels to this event. After they reported that the game was sold to 30 million users around the world, they announced the upcoming new level name “Laboratory.” It is expected to be available in summer. With this level, more skins for your favorite characters will come.
  8. Is Human: Fall Flat a family-friendly game?
    It totally depends on you. The game was created as family-friendly, and it does not have any age restrictions. However, if you play online, and there is a strong language present, you can’t ask children to join you in the game. The developers offer this game for any age. Yet, you have to make sure that your child does not share it online with random players.
  9. What is the Forest in Human: Fall Flat?
    Forest is the newly released level you can enter right now. The map was designed specifically for this level with atmospheric landscapes and new objects you can explore. You can play this level with friends, traveling through the snowy hilltops. You will face new mysteries there as well. Prepare to get involved in detective with crashed planes and total mayhem.
  10. Can you recommend a reliable Human: Fall Flat torrent?
    There is no such thing as a reliable torrent. The game does not cost that much for you to trick the system with potentially dangerous content. We highly recommend downloading the game only from official stores. You will find the links in the “Get Game” section. Avoid torrents as they might contain malware, which might cost you the entire device you are using.
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