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Games for Toddlers

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This game is claimed to be designed specifically for toddlers, and it features four mini-games where your kid has to build a tower out of penguins or control a cat with wings – yeah, that is exactly what it sounds like. Do you think that may be interesting for a kid? Let’s take a closer look.

Graphics: 2.5

First off, the graphics aren’t very remarkable. They’re colorful and bright, yet there are no animated cutscenes or funny character interactions that kids usually like. The textures are especially weak in the A-mazing game – just look at the main character, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Even though it’s the games for toddlers, I strongly believe the graphics could be better. I’m of the opinion that one should get used to the good from the very childhood, and this is the case of good graphics, too.

Gameplay: 3.0

To tell you the truth, the gameplay is rather dull. And I believe it will be boring for a toddler as well. All mini-games are repetitive and monotonous, yet intuitive and straightforward.

There is even no educational element which many parents want to see in a toddler game. No, you just collect eggs (only one at a time!), drop weird penguin blocks or guide a boy through the maze. Actually, I find the A-mazing game the most interesting of all, and the maze itself is pretty easy even for a toddler. So, this one is pretty good. Also, the maze is randomly generated every time you play, so this game has some replay value.

As for the rest of the games, I see no point in collecting eggs in the Egg Hunt game. The Happy Cat and Icy Block Stacker games are okay, but the physics are wonky. The blocks may seem steady and then suddenly start to topple over. In the Happy Cat game, the third of the screen is darkened so it’s hard to see what is ahead. So, you have only about 40% of the screen to maneuver which doesn’t give you enough time to react.

Controls: 3.5

All games use the Wii U GamePad Touch Screen, so all the controls are via the touchscreen. They may seem a bit weird and inconvenient in any game you choose to play. For instance, in the A-mazing game, you tap a specific spot for a boy to run to, but it’s quite easy to get stuck on corners, so you have to tap over and over again.

Games like A-mazing and Happy Cat feature sweet music, but Icy Block Stacker almost ruins it with the discordant piano sounds.

Replay Value: 2.0

Since I don’t have children, I can’t say for sure how challenging Games For Toddlers can be for actual toddlers. For me, playing it for 15 minutes was more than enough. I believe these games won’t be especially interesting for kids of any age as there are almost no plots, no funny characters, and no educational elements.

Moreover, I think the game is overpriced as it currently costs $18.99. It’s too much for a game that you probably won’t play for days or months.


In a nutshell, Games For Toddlers is overpriced, somewhat monotonous, and unremarkable. The beautiful styling and good soundtrack (in a couple of games) don’t change the fact that the gameplay is quite annoying.

As for me, I wouldn’t buy this game for my kids, and I don’t recommend you do that, too. Maybe the developers had better ideas, but their realization turned out to be disappointing. And last but not the least – the price is way too high.



Games For Toddlers will hardly entertain your toddler, and it won’t be a bargain – that’s for sure..

Pros : Colorful styling
Simple gameplay
The nice soundtrack in the A-mazing and Happy Cat games

Cons : Extremely high price
The graphics aren’t impressive
The actual game process gets boring soon
Wonky physics
Finicky controls

Graphics 2.5

Gameplay 3

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 2

Average : 2.8

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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