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Fortnite is one of the most popular survival games in the world. The main goal is to remain the last player standing among 100 other players. The task is not that easy as it requires finding the best weapons, building defensive structures and fending off 99 enemies.  Downloading Fortnite isn’t a problem, since it’s available nearly on every possible platform out there.

Graphics: 5

Fortnite offers its players bright cartoon-like graphics with funny animations, ridiculous costumes and wacky places. The visual aspect and performance mainly depend on the device’s specifications, although the game runs amazingly on every platform. Settings allow adjusting the quality of graphics or performance smoothness depending on personal preferences. The most impressive fact is that the game is available even on smartphones, bringing to reality the possibility of cross-play between Xbox, PC and phone.

Gameplay: 5

Every match on Fortnite’s crazy island is full of surprises, laughs and unexpected kills. However, newcomers might be demoralized by a tremendous library of guns and items that game offers. Every single round here starts with a bus suspended on a giant balloon. 100 players leap from it and land somewhere on the island, where they immediately start looking for guns, shields and building materials as quickly as possible. To survive in Fortnite not only you need to be smart and lucky but also fast as “blue storm” keeps shrinking map. Therefore, if you don’t want to die quick, you have always to keep moving.

The game doesn’t contain any gameplay secrets or “compulsion loops” that make it better, than other projects. Its secret is that it successfully combines pleasant graphics, great shooting mechanics and building possibilities. All of that in one package makes it an interesting and enjoyable online game. Also, Fortnite is full of great and unusual humor, which makes it even more fun to play.

Controls: 4

Fortnite’s controls are pretty straightforward. They don’t differ from any other shooters, although it’s important to know that in one game session can be players who use different control schemes. Mobile gamers can be easily paired with Xbox or pc players which gives an advantage for the aiming and accuracy speed to some of them. Users who wrote Fortnite Reviews report that most frustrating controls are currently at the mobile version of the game, but Epic Games say they work hard on improving those.

Replay Value: 5

The competition is high in Fortnite. Among 100 players there’s always only one true winner who gets all honors. 99 are doomed to try again and again which makes replay value incredibly high. Also, every time you join a new match something different happens. The amount of possibilities where to land, what to loot and which strategy to choose is so enormous that you always keep trying one more time.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a Fortnite professional is worth every devoted second. There’s no other cross-platform game out there that has so many players around the world and offers so many opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you like to go alone or with a team of friends, Fortnite gives everyone the freedom to express playstyle and remain the last one standing. Download Fortnite now to prove if you’re first to die or the one who deserves victory.



Fortnite is an entertaining and beautifully-crafted video game, which offers many opportunities to enjoy it..

Pros : Fast and easy graphics;
Building is easy.

Cons : Towns feel little empty;
After a few matches resourcegathering becomes exhausting.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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