Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing

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Cat Goes Fishing Review: Casual Fishing Sim

Cat Goes Fishing is a game in which, well, a cat goes fishing. Download Cat Goes Fishing and play as the cat as you improve your skill and equipment in hopes of catching a really big fish.

Graphics: 2

Cat Goes Fishing full version has rather simplistic flash-styled graphics, but the colors are nice and calming. The game is made in 2D and requires only 15 MB of space on your hard drive, so maybe it’s not your first choice when it comes to realistic graphics and advanced physics engine. There’s even no textures here, but all the fishes and the cat are drawn with certain humor and style.

Gameplay: 4

The gameplay is simple to the point where it becomes addictive. You start the game as a cat standing on some shore with a basic rod and trying to catch the most basic fish. As the game progresses, you sell everything you can catch and use the money to buy additional items, ranging from improved rods and better lures to radars or even rockets. There are also different fishing hats that you can catch from the water to get all sorts of special abilities.

And later come boats that finally let you leave your shore and fish in deeper and darker waters for bigger fish that is very hard to lure. Despite all the options, the gameplay is very repetitive indeed, and in this case, it can be considered an advantage. Cat Goes Fishing is obviously meant to be relaxing and calm, if monotonous, and that really helps the game to achieve this goal.

Simple and relaxing casual fishing sim. Download Cat Goes Fishing now if you want to unwind for a few hours.

Controls: 5

Controls in Cat Goes Fishing are as simple as the game itself, and even the most casual gamers can learn them pretty fast. Almost all you have to do is drag your lure across the water trying to lure the fish you’re after, and that, quite predictably, doesn’t require much skill. And then you just need to sell fish, buy upgrades for your equipment, and complete quests, and every of those actions is also very simple.

Replay Value: 5

Cat Goes Fishing unblocked version doesn’t offer you anything unique or outstanding even in its own genre, but the gameplay is overall very addictive. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy catching some fish for a few hours. It makes the game quite replayable, and while you probably won’t play it every day, you can kill a little spare time with its help whenever you like.


The game is only available on PC and now on Android. You can find it on Steam. There is no download on PS4, Xbox 360, or mac. Also, mind that it's not a free game, you need to buy it first, before installing the apk file. Besides, Cat Goes Fishing is not an online game.


Keep in mind that this Cat Goes Fishing review is primarily addressed to casual gamers who just like to play a little from time to time. If you are into some extraordinary challenges or top-grade graphics, Cat Goes Fishing will probably disappoint you. But if you want a game to relax after a long day of work or just feel like sitting back and enjoying something simple, Cat Goes Fishing is highly recommended.


  • Graphics 2
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!

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Cat Goes Fishing FAQ

  1. Which devices can you get Cat Goes Fishing for?
    You can only install the game on your PC. Make sure it meets the minimum system requirements: Windows XP +, 1.66GHz Intel or other equivalent AMD processor, 1 GB of RAM, Direct X 9.0, and 15 MB of free disk space.
  2. Where can I download Cat Goes Fishing for Android?
    The game is currently not available for installation on mobile devices. Officially, there is only a PC version.
  3. Is Cat Goes Fishing free?
    No, this game is paid. Although some sites offer free versions, installing them may harm your device.
  4. How many Cat Goes Fishing achievements?
    There are a total of 53 achievements in the game. Of these, the rarest, which only 1% of the players receive, is given for completing all 100 quests.
  5. Where can I get and install Cat Goes Fishing?
    In the Get Game tab, you will find a link to the project page on Steam. There you can buy the game for your Windows PC.
  6. How do you catch the Cat Goes Fishing Dragon?
    Since the Legendary Dragon feeds on eggs, you need to get a Mamo egg to get its attention. You also need a Master Rod, a boat with two or more upgrades, and a lightbulb (optional) to fish successfully.
  7. When was the latest Cat Goes Fishing update?
    The last patch was released in the fall of 2019. It fixed some bugs, increased spawn rates of some rare fish, and added new hats.
  8. Will the game be available on other platforms?
    An indie studio is carrying out the development, and it is unknown yet if Cat Goes Fishing for Mac, iOS, or any consoles are planned.
  9. How to make Cat Goes Fishing full screen?
    To do it, you need to press the Alt + Enter key combination, which is standard for such an operation.
  10. Is this a fishing simulator?
    Technically, yes, the Cat Goes Fishing game is a fishing simulator. However, it is much cuter and more relaxing than its real counterparts.
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