Siren Head Scary Horror Forest Story

Siren Head Scary Horror Forest Story

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Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story Review — Radio Die-Die

Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story game is a mobile adaptation of the horror title for PC. Will you survive in a dark forest with a macabre creature haunting it? Download Siren Head Scary Horror Forest Story and find out!

Graphics 4.5/5

Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story Android version looks decent for a mobile game. It has a strong indie vibe with its crudely drawn bushes, oaks and Scots pines, abandoned huts and radio towers scattered all over the enormous map.

Color tonality adds a nice gloom to the game. It’s presented to you as if you could see the world through a VHS filter. And the eerie moonlight gives the survival experience a ghastly, outlandish atmosphere.

But the game truly shines at is the sound design. Muffled screams ripping the silence, static noises, bizarre radio broadcasts and the devilish tornado-alarm siren screeching somewhere distantly... This audio ambiance always reminds you: there’s no time to relax!

Gameplay 5-/5

Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story free to play game takes us back to the 1980s. You, some kid named Freddy, just got a Nintendo. It’s the first day of the summer holiday. And your friends invited you to join the forest camp — neat, as Super Sonic would say.

However, upon arrival, you discover that your friends are gone. And that’s where the story begins: you must investigate the scene, figure out what happened to your buddies, try to save them, and avoid meeting… the Siren Head.

This walking abomination has a disproportionate body with a size of a 5G cell tower and a siren in place of the head. It is attracted by your flashlight, so don’t keep it on for too long — Siren Head will spot you much faster.

As you roam through the woods, you will need to fix radio towers to call for help. It’s not an easy task and the campfire, safe shelters, rifle guns and clues you receive from the radio broadcasts will help. Although some of these broadcasts aren’t from our world.

Controls 3.5/5

Sadly, Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story apk version has rickety controls. You get a D-pad and buttons for movement, jumping, crouching and shooting. And, as it always goes with a touchscreen, you often risk missing the right button.

Replay Value 4/5

Siren Head isn’t the easiest nemesis to escape from. Replaying a stage at least once is a sure guarantee. But the fails and flops are richly compensated by the believable atmosphere of fright.

The Bottom Line

Despite technical issues, Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story free game is undeniably enjoyable. Its creepy atmosphere doesn’t fail at tickling your nerves at the right moment, in the right manner. And if you have a mobile gamepad, this survival will shine in new colors.


If you miss good-old horror survival akin to Slenderman, our Siren Head: Scary Horror Forest Story review recommends the game.

  • Graphics 4.5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4.5

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