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Night in the Woods

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Night in the Woods was first released in 2017 but wasn’t made available for Nintendo devices until early 2018. It was developed by Secret Lab, Infinite Fall, and 22nd Century Toys, and published and by Finji. Here is what you can expect from this adventure-packed pick.

Graphics: 3

Night in the Woods features simple 2D graphics. The animation of the animal characters is of good quality with clear detailing and smooth movements. Something else to appreciate about the graphics is that they lack glitches. However, the aesthetic design of this game seems amateur since it lacks the life-like quality, which many recently released games have. The graphics design of the background scenery is also repetitive which makes the entire set monotonous.

Gameplay: 5

This game gets full points as far as gameplay is concerned. It has an intensely captivating storyline, which gives this exploration and adventure-genre game the potential to be addictive. It follows the story of Mae who dropped out of college after experiencing health issues to be pre-empted by the game. She moves back home to Possum Springs and finds things are not exactly as she left them. You get to control the characters actions as she explores her hometown solving mysteries and uncovering secrets.

Your aim as the player is to solve puzzles and use clues to find out more about what happened to Mae’s town when she left. You will meet different animal friends along the way with each unlocking a different storyline. It is up to you to decide whether to spend time with a specific character or not. Just keep in mind that every decision you make determines the course of the rest of your journey and the overall outcome.

Controls: 2

Night in the Woods has a basic point-and-click control model designed for the Nintendo switch. It focuses more on following the narrative than on promoting active gameplay. You also get a bit of action scaling walls and running on rooftops, but it is not very exciting.

Another control fail is that only one player can enjoy the game at a time. It can be a bit of a bummer for you if you are a fun of group gaming. However, it allows you to engross yourself in the narrative truly and is, therefore, not the worst thing about the game.

Replay Value: 3.5

This game has high replay value. This is mainly due to the presence of alternative endings. Choosing different characters to focus on every time you play allows you to unlock new mysteries and challenges.
However, once you have explored all your options, the game loses its charm. It is the result of highlighting the storyline, which leaves you with nothing to expect.


This game’s unique plot is what makes it such a catch. Due to the fascinating characters and interesting storyline development, playing this game is like reading a novel. The improved graphics and flexible gameplay are also worth looking forward to. So take a break from all the shooting and explosions and engross yourself in one of the best video game stories ever told.


This is a great option to consider if you are a huge fan of mysteries and well-told stories..

Pros : Alternate storylines and endings.
Clear and stable graphics.

Cons : Low replay value once all the alternative storylines are explored.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 2

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 3.4

Everyone recommends to play it!
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