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House Party Review: Frivolous Dating Sim

House Party is a first-person dating sim in which you play as a man invited to a party with two other men and six women. Download House Party and try to trick, lie, or drink your way into the ladies’ hearts.

Graphics: 4

The game is fully interactive which means you can roam around the house freely, interacting with objects and talking to the guests. Unlike many other dating simulators, House Party has decent graphics indeed, and a lot of work obviously went into the physics of women’s breasts juggling. The environment is also quite detailed, so you can almost feel like being on a real party. But some animations just feel a bit out of place, and you can encounter visual bugs from time to time.

Gameplay: 3.5

The gameplay has conversations with the girls as its core. You can talk to the characters to find out more about their personalities, and to use this information to reach your goal. But to really win the ladies’ sympathies you have to complete their quests, which can be sometimes illogical and far-fetched. To make the party even more interesting, there’s also your buddy Derek who prohibits any kind of alcohol, so you have to find a way around that, too. If he catches you drunk, the game will instantly be over.

To watch your progress with any of the girls, there are three meters, which show their levels of familiarity with you, sympathy towards you, and drunkenness. By manipulating those three, you are supposed to get closer and closer to your ultimate goal which is getting laid by the end of the evening. That might sound like an easy task considering the genre of the game and its overall atmosphere. But it’s definitely more difficult than in the most of other dating sims, and there is a real challenge here.

Controls: 3.5

Your unnamed protagonist may seem a little clumsy at first, and you might need some time to get comfortable with the controls. But in general, they are pretty responsive, and you can manipulate most of the objects in the house with ease. The game is still in its Early Access period, so this aspect will probably be improved a little by the time of the release.

Replay Value: 3

House Party allows you to choose freely between the girls, but any real progress with one of them often makes it impossible to conquer anyone else. That makes the game more difficult while also encouraging you to play it again, now with a different kind of girl to get laid with. But the puzzles are not quite interesting to solve, and finishing the game once will probably be enough for most players.


House Party review just can’t mention all the features of the game, and there is development still going on, so you can expect it to improve a lot. But it is already a pretty interesting dating sim, so if you’re into this genre, you will probably like it.


  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 3.5
  • Controls 3.5
  • Replay Value 3
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • Everyone recommends to play it! Everyone recommends to play it!

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