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60 Seconds! is a survival arcade strategy in apocalyptic setting. Sound quite ordinary, but in fact, it’s the only game in this genre, that is covered in a fatty black humour. You can call it a joke game, but it has some hardcore gameplay features to change your mind. 60 Seconds! downloading is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

Graphics: 4

Let’s be fair, 60 Seconds! looks ridiculous and it’s great. At the beginning, you see the low-end 3D level. After you enter the nuclear vault, the whole gameplay goes into static cartoonish 2D. Perhaps, it could be more animated, but here it is like authors see it and it’s pretty exciting. Pictures of family members change after any outing or when supplies shortages begin. It’s an unusual, but comprehensive method of the depiction of gameplay twists.

Gameplay: 5

Some call this game a family degeneration simulation and it’s quite right. The whole gameplay is built around a classic boring family with fat hardworking father and dumb daughter plus slim redhead wife and similar intelligent son. Oil painting, so to say. In the first 60-second level you play for father of the family, whose mission is to collect as much potentially useful stuff around the house as possible. Unfortunately, his darling relatives are so lazy that they don’t manage to take anything at all before the bomb explodes.

When characters jump into the shelter, a visual novel begins. Family members just sit and wait for you to distribute daily rations. What can be better, than a tasty canned soup with 700+ years of shelf life? That’s true - nothing. Nothing to eat here except soup.

The whole story flow depends on things you have and how you manage them. In addition to that, randomized events occur frequently to surprise you with some nasty consequences (or nice). Characters seem to have luck stats, which affect the quality of their outings to the top. However, this damn family is too apathetic to fight for life, so they are mostly tend to go insane and talk to objects or die (and no one will bury their ashes). Fun and said at the same time.

Controls: 5

There are two types of controlling the situation on the screen. 60-second level is just about running around, so you won’t need anything except gamepad stick. Daddy Cool runs quite ok. I didn’t face any irritating aspects in his movements. He’s as slow as he has to be. The main novel 2D part is controlled via journal. It’s used for supplies distribution and family affairs management. Any undepictable details are written here.

Replay Value: 4

Well, 60 Seconds! is all about making tries. You can continue doing them until you run out supplies combinations and find that you learned all possible outcomes. It’s quite a lasting experience. Not as long as referenced Fallout Shelter, but still very inventive and various. Everything is flavoured with good portions of black humour and sadistic twists. Length of each game session is not big, so 60 Seconds! is a great portable apocalyptic timekiller.

The Bottom Line

It’s quite sad to finish this 60 Seconds! review, but nice to have some spare time to play a few more times! The genre of indie visual novels is a huge field for some unique arts, mechanics and specific humour. This game occupies a remarkable position amongst other indies and games with an apocalyptic setting. I can recommend it to anyone, who doesn’t take gamified cruelty close to heart. Black humour at its best - it’s about 60 Seconds!


  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!

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