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Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

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Minecraft is arguably one of the greatest video games of the century. A digital version was released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch handheld controller. Below is a review of the game.

Graphics: 3

This digital edition is an improvement on the original regarding graphics. It has much fewer visual glitches and movement delays than the PC version. The 3D view of the world you get to create is also worth celebrating. Finally, this Nintendo Switch version also has higher clarity and more use of vibrant color than the original version.
Unfortunately, the graphics are still grainy and full of heavy image pixelation.

Gameplay: 5

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition – Digital Version maintained the same gameplay as the original. It is a sandbox video game where virtually anything you can think of is possible. It allows you to use 3D building blocks to create everything from buildings and vehicles to weapons and trees. All you have to do is select block shapes, sizes, and colors and start building.

The game is centered on creating new things. There are therefore not many hostile altercations you have to worry about. However, if you are feeling up for a little fight, you have the option of challenging different players to simulated duels. You may also run into a few rivals and obstacles on quests to find special building materials. In these cases, you have to use weapons that you have created to survive and defend yourself.

You can try out different modes in either singleplayer or multiplayer (up to 8 people). These include Adventure mode, Creative mode, Spectator mode, and Survival mode. All these have their own set of objectives and challenges you must face.

Controls: 4

You get to control game actors including what your characters look like, where they live, who they live with and so much more. The Switch Edition – Digital Version features a great control interface that makes it easier to use. It comes in particularly handy with combat scenes where the version has proven to be way better regarding sensitivity and reduced delay than other editions on handheld devices.

Replay Value: 5

Minecraft has high replay value because the gameplay and plot are limited only by your imagination. You can build an empire as big as you want which will keep you engaged and interested for a long time. The numerous rivals and challenges you will face also contribute to the playability as the outcome of fight scenes is not always the same.


The Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition – Digital Version of this great game now allows you to carry the fun with you and continue creating wherever you are. Its amazing gameplay and focus on customization ensure that your experience will be extremely enjoyable. All you have to do is to be a little creative. In short, if you are okay with shady graphics, then it is a game you will most likely end up being hooked to.


Unleash your inner architect and design guru with this classic Nintendo Switch Edition..

Pros : Infinite possibilities regarding plot and endings.
Supports multi-player mode
High replay value.

Cons : It has lowquality graphics.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.3

Everyone enjoy playing this game
You just can't miss this game!
One of the best action games ever!
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