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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

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If there was ever a game that puts Luigi at par with Mario, it’s Dark Moon. In this ghostbusting adventure, Luigi with his Poltergust 5000 takes on the ghosts of Evershade Valley in a humorous and immersive fashion.

Graphics: 5.0

There is quite an attention to detail in this game that exceeds most other Nintendo games, from the loveable character of Luigi himself, the brimful colored ghosts who are never static, to the mansions and all their nooks and crannies. All of them fit perfectly in the environment which the 3DS seems to be designed for. Nintendo created a whole new world here, filled with intricate little details that totally immerse you.

Gameplay: 4.5

As Luigi, you are sent by Professor E. Gadd to the Evershade Valley to retrieve ghosts who have run amok and are wreaking havoc after the Dark Moon shatters. Your only tools are a flashlight with a Strobulb and a special vacuum cleaner known as the Poltergust 5000. The flashlight stuns the ghosts before the Poltergust sucks them in. The Strobulb is also used to reveal hidden items such as doorways, puzzles and invincible ghosts. The Poltergust can also be used to manipulate physical objects in the environment through propulsion, carrying, etc.

The single-player mode takes you through 5 haunted mansions, each divided into levels, with different objectives to be achieved such as defeating a boss, solving a puzzle or retrieving an object. Online co-op gameplay lets up to four players control a differently colored version of Luigi in the ‘Scarescraper,’ with objectives such as capturing ghost dogs, finding the nearest exit of the floor, capturing all ghosts on the floor, etc.

Controls: 4.5

The controls are seamless because it is primarily a point-&-click game. There isn’t any combat, and there’s no need to master copious controls. The inbuilt gyroscope motion sensor helps you position yourself or aim, while you can easily move around with the circle pad. If you’re thinking of using a touchscreen controller, you might want to reconsider. Aiming takes a bit of getting used to, made even more difficult by the gyro.

Replay Value: 4.5

The one thing I didn’t like about the game was the overall mission structure. This game would have been better if you were left to explore the mansions on your own prerogative. Instead, the gameplay keeps getting interrupted just when you are on the cusp of a great discovery. Other than that, the game has tons of content, secrets, puzzles and awesome boss battles that will keep you coming back for more.


Luigi’s Mansion exceeds most expectations for a company that is still trying to find its finesse. The graphics are excellently executed, and the keen attention to detail gives this game a life of its own. Both the single and co-op campaigns stand out, with the former emphasizing more puzzle and exploration, while the latter focuses on capturing ghosts in an exhilarating fashion. Whether a newbie or an old-timer, you should try this one out.



Nintendo hits all the right notes with this game, and it is a wonderful showcase of what the 3DS can do..

Pros : Excellent design and graphics.
Numerous puzzles.
Great storyline.

Cons : Missions can get a bit slack.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.6

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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