It Takes Two

It Takes Two

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It Takes Two Review: A Platformer for Duo Playing

It Takes Two is a cooperative platformer that can only be played by two players, remotely or on the same device. Developed by the famous Hazelight, It Takes Two is available for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X/S, and for PC.

Graphics (5/5)

This platformer is a good competition to masterpieces like Yooka-Laylee or Crash Bandicoot, rich in detail, bright in colors, and diverse in levels. It makes use of a split-screen (the bigger, the better), not turning it into a mess. On PC, it will take a rather powerful hardware set. No wonder: each level has its unique environment (as well as mechanics).

Gameplay (5/5)

The premise of the game reminds of sci-fi comedies of the 1980s. A little girl hurt by her parents’ intention to divorce uses magic to turn them into two dolls. Now they start their psychedelic journey through their own house that is not only seen from an unusual perspective but uncovers the magic of its own. Moles, squirrels, and wasps become your enemies and allies. A magic book by Dr. Hakim leads you through the ordeals. The most important thing is, though, a need to restore communication.

Feeling each other is an absolute must. If you aren’t in the same room, you can communicate online to develop a strategy. For example, when one of the players needs to move past moles stealthily, the other can turn into moss to silence their steps. Their abilities differ, so collaboration is necessary. You’ll have to invent something constantly, as each level introduces new mechanics. In addition, there are mini games you can compete in.

And if Mod and Cody reach the end successfully, they reconcile with each other and restore their relationship. This nice and sweet ending will drag you through ice and sweat, though.

Controls (5/5)

Being developed for consoles, It Takes Two can be played with PC inputs but benefits from a controller. The overall controls will resemble most platformers, with joystick moves intuitive and buttons easy to learn. It’s great if you have two gamepads or one gamepad and a mouse-and-keyboard: it will enable you to play It Takes Two on the same device, in split-screen mode.

Replay Value (5/5)

Very creative and unusual games often fall into the “never-like-the-first-time” trap. Partly, it’s the case with playing It Takes Two. Still, even after everything is discovered, you can try various modes, switch from remote play to local split-screen, and vice versa. In addition, you can invite friends and try to join forces with them, and it only takes an invite you can download.

The Bottom Line

It Takes Two pushes the boundaries of what you think platformers are. Not only is this game incredibly imaginative and inventive. It's the highest quality (though it requires a powerful PC) and made with real love and inspiration.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

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