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GTA V is the latest installment in the famous action games franchise featuring violent gunfights and swift car chases. Download GTA V and follow the plot of this criminal drama with three protagonists.

Graphics: 4.5

Graphics in the GTA series was always on the edge, and GTA V isn’t an exception in any way. The graphics in the game are up-to-date, and every visual effect from shadows to the water simulation looks very realistic, smooth and balanced. The excessive animations of GTA IV were removed in this version, but that isn’t bad, especially since visual bugs are rare, and the game is optimized very well.

Gameplay: 5

The gameplay is probably the most well-known feature of the game. It usually consists of committing crimes in a wide range from fighting with strangers to robbing a bank, and that involves gunfights, car chases and so on. The world of the game is open, which means that there are almost no limits, and you can explore it freely, even if that means just driving around in stolen cars.

And when you are finally bored, you can start your way up by completing different missions. The very first of them are, of course, easy and simple, but soon you start engaging in violent clashes with dozens of cops, so it gets more and more interesting. The elaborate plot now tells a story about three protagonists, each with his own special ability, and you may switch between them any time you want.

Controls: 5

Controls are very intuitive, and you can learn them pretty fast. There’s not much to learn, as the gameplay is based on running around, shooting, and driving cars. All of that works perfectly well with a controller, so you will soon forget about the controls altogether and focus more on the gameplay.

Replay Value: 5

The replay value of the game is almost infinite. With its huge and very detailed world, you can go anywhere and always find something new and exciting. While the plot is linear, it’s only one of the many features, and you can drive around Los Santos for hundreds of hours without getting bored because the city just feels real and immersive. And with multiplayer options, you can multiply that time by two or three, because there is just so much to do.


GTA V is simply one of the best games ever made and a landmark for the whole action games genre. It tells a dramatic story but doesn’t force you to follow it. Instead, you can explore the world of the game by yourself, doing only what is interesting for you. It’s highly recommended for just about anyone mature enough to play it, so don’t just read the GTA V review, get the game already and see for yourself.


GTA V is one of the best action games, featuring a dynamic plot, car chases and gunfights. Download GTA V and play as a ruthless criminal fighting his way to the top..

Pros : Great gameplay;
Nice graphics;
Intuitive controls;
Almost infinite replay value.

Cons : Occasional graphics bugs.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
One of the best action games ever!
One of the most legendary games for Xbox 360
One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
You just can't miss this game!
One of the most legendary games for Nintendo Switch
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