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Gang Beasts

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Gang Beasts is a multiplayer party game with comical fights of awkward gelatinous fighters. Download Gang Beasts and fight your way through Beef City.

Graphics: 3

Trying to create an atmosphere that is as eccentric as possible, the developers construct the world of the game using the most basic shapes and almost no textures. Most of the objects in Gang Beasts are just brightly colored bricks, rails or planks, and that makes the fights more abstract and absurd. The overall look is finished by the goggle-eyed avatars which flail around awkwardly. And that results in a pretty funny spectacle on your screen.

Gameplay: 4

Technically, Gang Beasts is a fighting game, but actual fights become a button-mashing chaos a little too often to consider it realistic. The awkward characters are usually entangled in a sort of grabbing and kicking mess, and there is often no real feedback on why you lost. As a result, luck often matters a lot more than skill in the fights, but that can be considered a feature.

You can raise your chances by using deadly traps, like giant meat grinders, that are scattered around the maps, as throwing an unconscious opponent there can end the fight very early. All in all, Gang Beasts is a great game to play with your friends while exchanging mutual mockery. Even if you don’t win, you will definitely laugh at the absurd fights a lot, and that’s what the game is really about.

Controls: 4

Gang Beasts offers surprisingly accurate controls for gameplay this chaotic. They are not too simple, as they allow you to kick an opponent, bash him with your character’s tiny hands, or even grab and throw him off the map limits. Still, the controls are not too difficult to learn either. But the game’s overall style requires them to be a little odd, and that sometimes may annoy a player.

Replay Value: 4

The replay value of Gang Beasts is quite high, thanks to the funny atmosphere and gameplay features. While you won’t probably play it more than just a few hours per day, or even per week, it is a great game to play at your multiplayer party. Just choose your character’s appearance and drop onto the streets of Beef City to fight each other or hostile gangs in the gang game mode.


Gang Beasts review has to be gameplay-centred because it’s a fighting game, after all. But the gameplay is not something unique, it’s the combination of slapstick animation, silly sound effects and other features that make the game so replayable. All in all, the game can bring many hours of multiplayer fun, if only you don’t mind the graphics.


A silly multiplayer fighting game with messy fights of gelatinous characters. Download Gang Beasts and join the madness on the streets of Beef City..

Pros : Funny gameplay;
Customizable characters;
Pretty high replay value.

Cons : Simplistic graphics;
Gameplay is a bit chaotic.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.8

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