Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review — Shove, Run, Win

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun battle royale game that has less violence and more goofiness. Compete with a bunch of players and snatch a Crown at the end of a crazy tournament — just download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

Graphics 5-/5

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout system requirements are humble. But inside its 2 GB of data they managed to cram vibrant, juicy and visually explosive pandemonium. The game displays every rainbow color adding to it a fat dose of saturation and glitter.

Physics are everything here. Jumps, falls, stumbles, hits — they are straight from the world of slapstick comedy. So, each time your foe trips and falls, you can almost feel their pain. Pain from dealing with gravity and losing a chance to grab that sweet Crown.

Gameplay 5/5

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gameplay is simple to learn. But very tough to master. You and the other 59 contestants join a wild marathon of racing, pushing, climbing and running over the squishy bodies of the fallen players.

Your goal is to win a Crown at the end of the match. It’s the in-game top currency to buy goodies. Namely, you can buy a Bulletkin, Cactus, Gato Roboto, Hotline Miami jacket and other dope costumes.

But this will take some elbow-work! Fall Guys combine slightly awkward physics of movement together with bizarre and even fear-inducing obstacles. In the Hex-A-Gone mode, you will have to run on the disappearing floor avoiding deadly pink slime.

Other minigames include:

  • Races. Climb over the barriers and push rivals away.
  • Fall Ball. See what happens when soccer gets loony.
  • Hoopsie Daisy. Time to jump through the hoops like a trained seal.
  • Rock-n-Roll. Join one of three teams and roll a giant ball to the finish line.

And more. In total, there are 20+ modes to choose from in the co-op regime.

Controls 4-/5

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC and console versions have intuitive controls. Like WASD for movement on PC or X for jumping on PS4.

But the real pain in the neck here is the clumsy choreography that the jelly munchkins demonstrate. It makes controlling them a real challenge similar to Human: Fall Flat or Octodad.

Replay Value 4.5/5

With its brisk 15-minute matches and loads of bedlam fun, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gameplay is pretty addictive. There’s always a match to join and more Crowns to win. Even though sometimes servers seem overcrowded.

The Bottom Line

Fall Guys is a delicious treat for all battle royale fans. It’s quirky, fast-paced and charged with a healthy dosage of laughter.

And even if there’s a fat portion of frustration too, it only makes it better like salt put on the caramelized pretzel. So, if you’re tired of battle royale shooters, our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review recommends it.


  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5

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