Zelda’s Second Wind Receives Update

Zelda’s Second Wind Receives Update on Blog
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A popular Second Wind mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cheers up the fans with an amazing update. It is the biggest extension in history. Players receive fresh stories to explore, new NPCs with their own personalities, and a completely new town.

Despite the fact that Second Wind is not an official expansion, it is high on demand by millions of players. The large-scale DLC free-of-charge project created by more than 50 devoted Zelda fans quickly rises in popularity. Nintendo, developers of Zelda, did not sanction this mod, but at least they don’t shut it down as Rockstar does with their fans’ creations.

Second Wind adds more items inside Zelda. It also visibly extends the map and adds more characters. The new update v1.9.10 welcomes players to Ordon town with its own store and blacksmith. There are friendly dwellers and more quests on every street. You can always catch up with the new storyline. And if you want to change the weapon, just check the rich arsenal. Many players say that Nintendo must hire the team behind the mod since there is definitely a lot of effort put into it. The best thing about it is that this mod is free and constantly extending.

Mods are not new for Breath of the Wild. During 4 years of its existence, fans created an impressive library filled with the modifications they wanted to see in it. The most popular is the one that allows you to play from the first-person perspective and the one that welcomes Woody and Buzz from Toy Story inside the Legend of Zelda Universe. Legend of Zelda is a top choice for modders. Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel is on its way.

Have you ever played the Second Wind mod? Which feature do you enjoy the most there? Share your thoughts about this mod in the comments below.

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