Unrailed! for Nintendo Switch Goes Physical

Unrailed! for Nintendo Switch Goes Physical on Blog

Fans of co-op constructing games have long been appreciating Unrailed!, a Minecraft-inspired game where players cooperate to build a railroad through various obstacles and chaotic procedurally generated environment. For the most devoted, a physical print of its Nintendo Switch version is coming. No need to wait long: the release is seton April 15. The digital version has been available since September 2020, so the physical one is already playable, with no testing and fixing required.

Not only will it include the game itself on a traditional cartridge, but also a colorful detailed manual, a sticker and three trading cards out of five available. The artwork will add a bit of perspective to the game itself. Its Nintendo version supports multiplayer for up to four participants, just like other versions.

There will only be 4,000 copies of Unrailed! For local multiplayer, one is enough, so you can invite your friends (make sure you’re not risking your health) and play it as a sort of tabletop game. You can also find partners online and collaborate with them to make the longest railroad track in this squarish environment. They don’t have to be from the Switch side, as the game supports cross-platform matching.

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