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Five years passed since the moment Pokemon GO was downloaded by the first user and the game became popular just in two weeks. Firstly, it was released only for the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. But just in one month Pokemon GO, which allows people to plunge into virtual reality, became widespread in other countries. Over some time, diverse trackers and maps were created to help users search for Pokemons. Eventually, most of them were blocked by Niantic.

Pokemon GO gameplay allows you to catch the main characters while walking the streets. This game was intended to reduce the sedentary lifestyle of teenagers a little. Its interface was remade after the launch, and Niantic adds new functions occasionally. Now you can see the Pokemon that are hiding in your neighborhood. A “Nearby” feature shows the exact PokeStop and allows you to leave a mark if you want to go there. In addition, you may also see where Raids are happening now. You can decide whether the trip is worth it because if you don’t have a particular Pokemon, it will appear as a silhouette.

However, not everything is great about it. By the moment you get to the noted place, the Pokemon you wanted to catch might disappear. And there's a low possibility that the app will show you its location. For this reason, the trackers and maps were created. Unfortunately, they aren’t active nowadays. Even if the one tries to return, Niantic does an update that blocks any other activity meant to track the Pokemons.

Some big websites still have a community of people who play Pokemon GO and search for the instruments to track Pokemon quickly. For example, The Sliph Road is one of the largest maps which show Pokemon all over the world. It is more accurate in populated areas. The website will show you the verified and unverified PokeStops. You can also add the nest which you have found. If you’re looking for a specific Pokemon, The Sliph Road allows you to choose only particular species on the map.

Even though this site is quite popular, it’s not the ideal way to track Pokemon. If Niantic won’t change its policy or create a good tracking system by itself, old trackers with low accuracy will be the only way for users to search for Pokemon. Some users consider such instruments as cheating. However, they can help a lot to track the characters and don’t lose time if a particular Pokemon is too far away or is just not interesting for you now. It’s difficult to say when this situation will change because the Pokemon GO community is much smaller now. But you can still use different trackers and enjoy the game fully.

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