Top 10 Accessories to Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Accessories to Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch on Blog
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Nintendo released its console back in 2017, and it made a splash among gamers. Nintendo Switch continues to grow in popularity now, with many stores offering themed accessories to enhance your user experience. So that you don't get lost in all this variety, we have compiled for you the top 10 awesome things to try.

1. Switch and Switch Lite Charging Dock

A compact and cute station that is handy to take with you and does not take up much space on a coffee table. It is convenient to use when you take a break from active games. Although it is bright yellow, it is small in size and does not attract too much attention. You can choose a different shade if you wish.

2. Silicon Caps for Joysticks

Special PokeBall caps for joysticks will appeal to fans of the Pokémon franchise. Made of rubberized material, they keep your fingers from slipping during intense play while not getting in the way. Now there are no false jumps or shooting off the target.

3. Capacious Case

A simple case will take care of everything you need so that you will not be left without your favorite games, even away from home. It will fit a console, docking station, several cartridges, and additional accessories. While you can store quite a few things in it, it is not very large.

4. GameCube-Style Gamepad

This item is a must-have for fans of the Nintendo classics. The controller is made in the style of the Nintendo game console of the 2000s. Compared to older gamepads, it has improved ergonomics, is battery operated, and is more comfortable to use.

5. Shock-Absorbent Grip

This grip is a protective case that fits the console and joy-cons. It is ideal for those with rather large palms and who are not very comfortable holding the original device. It is nice to the touch and provides an excellent grip. Conveniently, you can charge the console without removing it from the case.

6. Headrest Mount

A headrest mount can take the user experience to a whole new level. It doesn't matter if you or your kids play games; you will definitely appreciate the comfort of using it. It attaches easily to a headrest and holds the console securely, so you don't have to worry about keeping the device on your lap on long journeys.

7. Nintendo-Themed Headset

The console is known to have no built-in microphone. But there is a stylish solution to this problem. It is a cool headset that comes in traditional Nintendo Switch colors, red and blue. It gives excellent sound and perfect noise canceling quality. Now, you can play multiplayer games all night long.

8. Cartridge Holder

This compact and functional holder for 24 cartridges makes the perfect addition to your accessory collection. It attaches to a docking station, so you always have access to games. Such a holder guarantees that the cartridges will not be lost or worn out due to improper storage.

9. Charging Case

Although there was already a protective case on our list, this one has increased functionality. With its help, you will protect the console from hits and be able to recharge it when not in use. The amount of time you can extend a battery life depends on what you play, but the maximum period is eight hours.

10. Travel Bag

When all the accessories you need are received, store them all in a travel shoulder bag in the style of popular Nintendo games. It is very roomy and can fit a console, game cartridges, gamepads, and other stuff that can come in handy on a trip. The item is available in several designs: Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, etc.

Take Your Console to the Next Level

The list of Nintendo accessories is almost endless. Some are purely decorative, while others can greatly expand the potential of your console. Each new item can give you more flexibility and usability, so feel free to experiment.

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