The New Splatoon 3 Promo Mentions Daft Punk

The New Splatoon 3 Promo Mentions Daft Punk on Blog

The highly anticipated Splatoon 3 game teases Daft Punk in their magazine promo. Can this be a tribute or a crazy collaboration?

The Rumor Has It

The third edition of Nintendo’s most popular shooter was one of the topmost announcements on the latest Nintendo Direct. The Japanese promotional campaign of the game has already started, and that’s what fans found on the pages of the monthly Manga CoroCoro magazine.

The ad references the duo’s famous single called ‘Around the World’, which was released back in 1997. But this is not the only quote on the pages of the magazine. One of the promotional images has also a hint of ‘Walking alone into the desert’, as in Daft Punk's farewell video titled Epilogue.

Is the French duo involved in some way in the production of Splatoon 3, or did CoroCoro's marketing team collaborate with Nintendo to pay tribute to the artists? We will hopefully find out soon. Some fans have also guessed that the new game may have soundtracks written or contributed by Daft Punk.

Nintendo’s Splatoon 3 release is scheduled for 2022.

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