Nintendo Hints at the Release of Switch 2 For A New Generation of Console Wars?

Nintendo Hints at the Release of Switch 2 For A New Generation of Console Wars? on Blog

Nintendo Switch isn’t the most powerful console on the market. Instead, the company focuses on delivering a mobile entertainment system filled with family-friendly games both children and adults can enjoy while spending time together in the living room.

This approach seemed to work out in their favor, especially since PS Vita was canceled. The same approach doesn’t call for more powerful hardware in order to be marketable. And yet, for the first time in years, Nintendo has mentioned the potential release of a new console, and it took the world of gaming by storm.

Truth be told, predicting what Nintendo has installed for us is as effective as poking a finger at the sky, but the glimpse and bites of information that came from the video giant directly do point us in a direction.

Firstly, the two hardware configurations of the console are not going anywhere as they are what created a new market for the Switch in the first place.

Secondly, we may get cross-platform play as Shuntaro Furukawa, one of Nintendo’s stakeholders has said they are looking to extend the lifecycle of Nintendo Switch instead of replacing it with a new device.

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