Monster Hunter Is Joining Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Is Joining Nintendo Switch on Blog

Monster Hunter: Rise has premiered on March 26. In this episode of the beast-slayer series, you will visit the village of Kamura. The saga begins optimistically: you’ve just won your Hunter title.

But as it turns out, there’s no time to celebrate. A cataclysm dubbed Rampage is going to wipe out Kamura. And it’s your duty as a newly baked Hunter to organize defense and slay the bloodthirsty beasts that will flood the area soon.

Grappling mechanics are introduced in MH: Rise for the first time during the series. Your grappling abilities allow you to perform special operations, unleash Skillbind attacks and devise clever tactics.

There’s also a Wyvern ability, which lets you seize control over a monster for a moment. And if you’d prefer a company of your pals over solo hunting — there’s a neat co-op mode with up to 3 players.

What’s cool, the co-op mode features a self-adapting difficulty level. It prevents those players who joined the game a second ago from being overwhelmed with all Anjanathes and Nargacugas.

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