Level Editor for Super Mario Kart (1992) Restored by a Hacker

Level Editor for Super Mario Kart (1992) Restored by a Hacker on Blog

While the famous Gigaleak of Nintendo games and files mostly contained scandalous and unexpected details about games, its other contents suddenly help create something useful. Well, useful for a small band of fans – so what? It didn’t stop some MrL314 from giving it enough time to restore the long-lost level editor for Super Mario Kart (1992).

The problem with the level editor was that the game did not go with it. It was meant for designers, so its copies have not been distributed this far and wide. In addition, the level editor was written for so-called SFX-DOS, a proprietary OS by Nintendo that was only compatible with SNES. With it, a designer could connect a floppy drive and a keyboard to the console and operate it like a computer.

This is what MrL314 used in his work to restore the level editor. The editor lets the designer put various objects from the library on tracks. They include oil patches, walls, speed boosters, and so on, though only those fitting the theme can be put on the track. So far it’s far from a full-fledged level editor, but the work is just being done. MrL314 says there are two more editors for introducing 3D objects, but they are not recovered yet, as the work requires more deciphering effort. The tile editing program, required for editing the track itself, is missing.

Yes, the original Super Mario Kart has been followed by newer games for more popular devices, and now it’s mostly of nostalgic value. More than that: Nintendo is hardly to get any profits from selling it anymore, as its ports to, say, Switch are effectively new games. Nevertheless, dealing with the leaked materials is risky. No wonder the author does not reveal his or her real name. Given how severely Nintendo reacts to any copyright violation or piracy act, no one would like to meet in court with it.

Ethan Morris
Wordlover, sketch artist and aesthetics admirer.

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