Fun Destiny 2 Glitch Creates 12-Player Raids

Fun Destiny 2 Glitch Creates 12-Player Raids on Blog

Glitches can be incredibly frustrating when they prevent you from winning. However, some glitches can also bring an element of fun to the game. The latter happened to Destiny 2, and more players are starting to find out about an unexpected twist in the game.

Normally, the maximum number of fireteam members in Destiny 2 is six. However, if you want to create a chaotic party of 12 players you can do so thanks to a glitch. The news spread fast and now more and more players are trying a new strategy. The way you can expand a raid team is by creating two teams of six people and combining them at the last moment before you jump into action. If you do everything at the right second, the two teams will appear together, and you will be able to raid and have fun. The entire experience becomes quite crazy as the game is not designed for such large teams. 

Over the last year, there have been more bugs and glitches in Destiny 2, and some of them caused serious issues while playing. Luckily, this glitch is harmless. It’s likely that it will still be fixed soon since it attracted so much attention. So, if you want to try it for yourself, now is the time while it’s still there.

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