A New Roguelike Action Game Gutwhale Coming to Nintendo Switch

A New Roguelike Action Game Gutwhale Coming to Nintendo Switch on Blog

If you feel like playing a new roguelike on your Nintendo Switch, you will have this chance no later than on May 21. The new title by Ratalakia Games and Stuffed Wombat (not the names to expect something mainstream from, right?) is coming to Switch right on that day. And it will deliver some underground experience – not only in terms of locations.

Yes, it takes place in the belly of the sea beast, but expect nothing like Jonah’s trials and tribulations. You are actively making your way out of the creature’s guts, using weapons and wits. If the premise seems bizarre, you don’t know what waits for you inside in the three areas of the monster’s digestive system. For example, an integral element of the gameplay is collecting and using hats (in the belly of a whale, exactly!) It takes down to 1 hour to finish the game, but, due to procedural generation, it remains highly replayable.

Titles like this keep establishing the reputation of Nintendo Switch as a place of non-mainstream games. Gutwhale has been available for Linux and Windows (via Steam), but Switch is the first console where it lands. With its dark grim atmosphere, randomly generated levels and hard gameplay, it’s a prominent example of indie games.

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