5 Classic Nintendo Exclusives You’ve Invested Your Childhood to Beat

5 Classic Nintendo Exclusives You’ve Invested Your Childhood to Beat on Blog

Ever since it’s initial launch in 1983, Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES as we’ve learned to know it, has captivated the hearts and minds of many a gamer. Heck, some of my best childhood memories come in 8 bits!

Mario, Castlevania, the timeless adventures of Link, and the unforgettable Battle Toads gave birth to a massive following. So much so that Nintendo’s latest critical darling, the Switch, is the eighth generation console in the company’s lineup of exquisite gaming devices.

Today, with the launch on NES and Super NES games on Switch, we get to replay, scratch that, relive the old-school classics along with exploring the gorgeous worlds of Legend of Zelda and Mario Odyssey.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives that are the best Nintendo games from the past.

Top Games For Nintendo: NES and Super NES on Switch Online

Nintendo’s Switch online offering opens access to several dozen of all-time classics such as the Mighty Bomb Jack, Soccer, Balloon Fight, and Donley Kong.

What this means is that you can play all of the Nintendo Exclusives from previous generations on a brand new high-res TV, powered by an up-to-date console. No emulators or mischievous hacks required.

And, while there is no best free Nintendo Switch game in existence (there’s simply too much to choose from), I suggest we take the mighty blast from the past face-first and explore 5 of the best Nintendo Exclusive games ever made.

Donkey Kong

With 23 games in the franchise, 5 of which were released for the original NES, Donley Kong is an undeniable cultural phenomenon. Hundreds of mentions and references in popular media, be it film, book, or animation, thousands of fan clubs all over the internet, and millions upon millions of gamers enjoying the 1983 classic until this day stand to prove the game’s place in the timeless classics pantheon.

The plot of the game is pretty simplistic. A King Cong-inspired giant ape kidnaps a woman, and you, the player, are challenged with the task of rescuing her. The path to victory isn’t as simple, however, as you’ll have to navigate your way up across several dozen platforming levels, while Cong is trying to stop you by throwing down some barrels.

Sure, the premise doesn’t seem like anything to write home about in 2020, but back in the day, a dep engaging story wasn’t needed to entertain the young minds.

More on the matter, the damsel in distress trope Nintendo games are so well-known for, was born from the original Donkey Kong game.


Metroid, the granddaddy of all Metroidvania games so popular on the indie scene today, is to a timeless classic you can play on your Switch.

The game is known for being as tough as nails. Not only will it not hold your hand throughout the playthrough, but it will also kick you in the knee cap when you least expect.

As a player, you will navigate your way through dozens of colorful levels filled with teeth-shattering platforming, instant kill traps, and annoyingly lethal enemies.

Speaking of what the game brought to the cultural stage – it was one of the very first titles where players had to run and gun their way through a danger-riddled world while controlling a female character.

Yep, we’ve been playing as strong female characters long before it became mainstream!

Super Mario Bros.

Developed for the NES console from the ground up, Super Mario Bros became an instant hit among both critics and players. The platforming adventures of the now-famous plumber, struggling to rescue a princess who always happens to be in another castle was nothing short of a mesmerizing experience.

Mario and his brother Luigi had to traverse more than a hundred levels across multiple worlds – each hypnotically beautiful, and bizarrely unique. From underwater dens to volcanic caves to plane meadows to even the sky itself – every level in the game was (and still is) a platforming masterpiece.

The boss battles against the villainous lizard king Bowser serve as an excellent cherry on the icing.

Super Mario Kart

I’d be lying if I said this legendary title from the SNES era didn’t cost me any childhood friends. But hey, friends come and go, but the feeling of crossing the finish line first stays with you forever. Am I right?

What is this spectacularly bizarre racing game, you ask, dear reader?

Here’s the basic gist: you play as the characters from the Mario games such as Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and others. Each has a unique racing kart and a couple of interesting abilities. What sets this game apart from most racing games is that your goal is to finish first, but you’ll have to fight your way to victory using an impressive arsenal of dirty tricks to secure the sweet victory.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past isn’t only one of the best adventure games ever made. It is the game that essentially invented the formula that balances story progression and open-world exploration. Every LOZ game you’ve played since, such as the Ocarina of Time, Wind Walker, or Twilight Princess, has followed the path A Link To The Past tore through.

As a player, you will be stepping in the shoes of Link, a silent protagonist with the will of steel and the guerilla fighting skills of a high fantasy Rambo. Explore the world, discover powerful magical items, and go against overwhelming odds in creatively-designed dungeons, all while playing one of the best video game adventures to date.

The Timeless Classics

This sums up our review of the top 5 best NES and SNES games you can play on your Switch today. Sure, the titles on our list are old, but they are not dated. Some were the pioneers shaping the world of video games into the glorious land of creativity it is today. I highly encourage you to take a trip down the history lane to explore what made video games so awesome!

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