10 Upcoming Nintendo Games That Are 100% Worth Waiting

10 Upcoming Nintendo Games That Are 100% Worth Waiting on Blog

With the internet going wild over the latest installments on the PS4 library of exclusives – The Last Of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima, we, dedicated Nintendo fans can’t help but question what will keep blowing our minds with imaginative visuals and creative gameplay elements on the Switch.

Good news, everyone! The upcoming Nintendo games look as cool, engaging, and influential as the titles released on “big boy consoles”. The hype around some of the Nintendo releases we’ll be mentioning below is as high and hot as a raging forest fire.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the awesome lineup of Nintendo games 2020 and beyond!

10 Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

We’ve reached the meat and potatoes of our little review – slash – news post dedicated to upcoming Nintendo Switch games 2020. So, what’ll we sink our teeth into in the year to come?

Pokémon Snap

A new Pokémon Snap game has been long overdue, given it has been more than 20 years since the original was released on N64.

The game is not a remake or a reimagining of the original classic. Pokémon Snap developers promise us an entirely new on-rails adventure where you’ll slide into the shoes of a pocket monster explorer. Travel through one of the richest universes in the history of video games, catch tiny cuties off guard, admire their natural behavior, and take excellent photos to share with friends in a brand new Pokémon game. What’s more to ask?

Crysis Remastered

If you’ve ever met a person claiming to come from the glorious PC Master Race on the web, do let them know that their beloved graphics above all game – Crysis – is getting a remastered version that is coming to… wait for it, Nintendo Switch.

So if you are looking to have a blast of time shooting away at hordes of enemies wearing a hardened battle armor that gives you superpowers, all while treating your eyes to one of the most realistic tropical paradise environments to date, Crysis will be right up your alley.


Baldo is here to scratch that action-adventure itch you’ve had since beating the new Legend of Zelda. The game is an excellent blend of open-world exploration and the captivating style of Ni No Kuni. You will be endlessly lost in an animated world that is meticulously crafted with attention to every last leaf or blade of grass.

Sure, stepping in the shoes of a Child of Prophecy may seem like a beaten up trope, but who cares, when you have this level of gameplay to surround yourself with? Just give in to the artistic vision. I know you want to!

Bayonetta 3

Speaking of games with a definitive, unforgettable style, the wicked witch Bayonetta is about to hit Switch with a brand new title – Bayonetta 3.

The new action slasher offers the same level of excitement as the previous entries in the lineup, polished with a signature sense of thrill only shooting from a high heel shoe gun provides. The madness, the battle versus good, evil, and anything in between, and the dazzling fashion sense of the titular character – you simply won’t get anything like that on any other platform!

Yokai Watch 4

Yet another example of Zelda-like gameplay awaits us. This time it is mixed with Pokémon, with the difference being you will not be catching loveable animals. The focus of the game, as the name suggests, is to hunt Yokai, a type of Japanese spirit that is generally quite spooky.

Worry not though, the Yokai in this game are every bit as lovely as Charmander or Squirtle. So yeah, what a time to be alive for us, JRPG fans!

Dragon Quest Heroes

The Switch is about to become a new home for Dragon Quest heroes, both the first and the second game in the lineup. The cult-classic hack-n-slash gameplay is emphasized here with vibrant, colorful combos, and skill-based gameplay. Button-mashing won’t cut it this time, you guys.

Expect an amazing blend of the JRPG formula with action-packed real-time fights against a wide assortment of enemies begging for whopping.

Gods & Monsters

Gods & Monsters is a brand new experience from the people behind Assassins Creed Odyssey. The game is set in ancient Greece where you, as the hero of old tales, will fight your way through a lovingly-crafted bestiary of creatures of myth.

The artistic vision, the mythical vibes, and the slick aesthetics, paired with the creativity of the guys who gave us what is arguably the best installment in the AC series is expected to become an instant hit upon release, so don’t miss your chance to become a part of the legend!

Hollow Knight: Silksong

The original Hollow Knight took the world of hardcore games and soulsborne game enthusiasts by storm. The blend of a metroidvania gameplay with one of the most stylish and visually appealing worlds we’ve seen in a video game is finally coming out with a second installment – Silksong.

You will be playing as the loveable spear-wielding badass of a character you got to follow you (and occasionally whop your bottom) while enjoying the broken world of the original Hollow Knight.

Is there anything else I need to say to bring up the hype?

Metroid Prime 4

Speaking of difficult action-adventures, Metroid, the grand-daddy of all Metroidvania games, is making an appearance on Switch with Metroid 4 Prime.

We don’t know too much about the game, but there are two things I can say for sure – it is being made (or should I say remade), and it is coming to delight and/or punish us on Switch! What a time to be alive!

Legend of Zelda

Speaking of finishing the list on a high note, a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is soon to have a sequel! In a similar fashion to Metroid Prime, we don’t know much about the game other than it is in the making, but is there anything else us, dedicated Nintendo fans need?


These are the top 10 games I am looking to see and play on Switch. Did I miss anything? Share your ideas, rumors, and thoughts about upcoming titles in the comments below!

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