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Nintendo Game Review- Pokémon Sun

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The Pokémon franchise is without doubt one of the most successful in the world of video games. Pokémon Sun, in particular, is a fan favorite all over the world. It was developed by Game Freak Inc., published through a Pokémon-Nintendo collaboration, and released in 2016.

Graphics: 4

Pokémon Sun has high-quality 2D graphics with a few old-school vibes through the various heavy pixel images. Some parts of the game are also playable in 3D form. The characters are well animated sticking to the anime aesthetic that the Pokémon series is famous for.

If you are looking for a game with life-like graphics and animations, this might not hit the spot right. The use of overhead views is also something that not many people are huge fans of.

Gameplay: 5

Pokémon Sun is an action and adventure video game. It follows a Pokémon trainer on the fictional exotic island of Alola. As the story develops, you get to meet and interact with the star of the show; a Pokémon known as Solgaleo. Your job is to find and either fight or train other Pokémons all over the island. You also have to fight against numerous enemies, including Team Skull and The Aether Foundation. These particular obstacles can be found in later and higher difficulty levels of the game.

As you continue to beat opponents and train, your character gains experience points, which improve your fight statistics. The points also unlock new abilities and storylines within the game plot.

Another motivation to win the fights is the fact that you get to keep the Pokémon that you defeat. You can later trade your Pokémons in for new ones with other players. The trade feature, however, is only possible if both you and your trade partner are using Nintendo devices.

Controls: 5

The action-based game gives you a lot of control. First and foremost, you get to control the trainer’s movements during the various fight sequences. As you unlock higher levels, your range of motion and the variety of fighting skills increase. You also have control over the main character’s aesthetic. It should be noted that the game is compatible with handheld Nintendo 3DS controllers, including Gamepad, which makes it easy and fun to play it.

Replay Value: 3

Pokémon Sun has a very interesting storyline with multiple characters and challenges, which contributes to its replayability, with the fight scenes, in particular, being a favorite. However, after collecting all the Pokémon characters, you find there is nothing else to look forward to in the game. All in all, despite all the other great features the game has low replay value.


Pokémon is one of those franchises you can expect nothing but the best from. All factors considered, it is safe to say that Pokémon Sun does not disappoint. With the amazing gameplay, graphics, and control, you can rest assured that getting your copy will be worth the investment. However, as with many others on the series, the replay value is a bit of a letdown.


With all it has to offer regarding design and entertainment value, Pokémon Sun is a great addition to the franchise..

Pros : Good graphics.
Interesting and well-developed storyline.
Multi-player co-op and exchange features.

Cons : It has low replay value.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.3


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