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  Scribble is a party game for all ages which effectively delivers on raw, unbridled humor. While more of a Pictionary clone, it still manages to carve itself out as an ultimate party game.

Scribble. Unlock Your Inner Artist

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Scribble is a party game for all ages which effectively delivers on raw, unbridled humor. While more of a Pictionary clone, it still manages to carve itself out as an ultimate party game.

Graphics: 4.5

The UI on Scribble is very simple and effectively works for a relaxed party game. The drawing quality obviously depends on the artist, but even then, bad drawings only make the game more humorous. You can change the pen size, allowing you to make details as fine as you want. With an uncluttered design and well laid out menus, Scribble delivers well on its mandate of being a fun party game.

Gameplay: 4.0

I initially thought that playing as one player would allow me to battle an AI (I was wrong). The artist with the GamePad draws a picture based on words provided, and other players have to guess what the secret word is. There are five game modes:

  • Versus lets 2-8 players compete against each other. You can set up the time, number of rounds, Mutators (makes the guess harder) and difficulty level.
  • Teams simply lets two opposing sets of players compete, while Elimination sees the player with the lowest points knocked out of progressive rounds.
  • In Tug ‘O’ Draw, the team that gets the closest to correct answers in a limited time period wins the tug.
  • Barricade lets teams choose lettered tiles from which they can create pictures based on the words from that specific tile group.

You can also play in Just Doodle which is a free draw that isn’t timed, and Word Creator which lets you add custom words.

Controls: 4.5

With Scribble, one player draws on GamePad while others make selections from the TV which the GamePad mirrors, thus eliminating any need for additional controllers. Through a variety of on-screen prompts and a stylus, the artist can execute any of the game modes, using text inputs and controlling the gameplay for the rest of the players. This is quite effective for such a game which can support as many as 8 players.

Replay Value: 3.5

The game doesn’t have any replay value if you’re playing alone. However, with friends, you’ll have a bit more fun with the different game modes, although I did find some of them to be overly repetitive and redundant in their approach. There should probably be a way to customize your experience more by letting you draw doodles and saving them for later. The game should also emphasize two-player modes with more options.


Scribble draws a lot from the Pictionary experience and delivers well for its players. The biggest advantage of this game is probably that it can attract gamers of any age and category, from young kids, teens hanging out on a boring Friday night, to your family after dinner. It offers different game modes, which flips things up a bit and ensures you don’t get too bored with a single routine.



Scribble is easy to learn and even easier to set up and definitely stands out as a party game on the Wii U..

Pros : Offers a large variety of words (over 1500).
Graphics and interface are quite effective.

Cons : Lackluster singleplayer experience.
Repetitive gameplay.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.1


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