• Release date: 6/16/2016
  • Developer: Engine Software
  • Content rating: ESRB T
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  • Release date: 6/16/2016
  • Developer: Engine Software
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Genre: ActionAdventure
  • Content rating: ESRB T
  • Features: up to 8 players

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Engine Software
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Terraria Game Review

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Professional Review

Developed by Engine Software, Terraria is a two-dimensional sandbox video game that was released in 2011. The game was published by 505 Games and is playable on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and, as of 2016, the Wii U.

Graphics: 4

Much like the popular game Minecraft, Terraria incorporates 2D animation, which makes the graphics block-like, pixelated, and cartoony. The animation gives the game a rather retro atmosphere and its techno soundtrack suits it well. Terraria can be played in single player or multiplayer mode.

Gameplay: 4.5

Terraria is a sandbox game, which means that it enables its players to decide how they would like to approach the game by themselves. It belongs to the genre of action and adventure and essentially comprises building and combatting. The player initially starts off with three basic tools; an axe to mine with, a sword to fight with, and another axe to cut wood with. The player also starts off with a limited amount of magic points and health.

Mining resources and other items will boost these health levels and number of magic points.

Players must explore different areas on their map, battling enemies and bosses and collecting items that they drop. Players must also collect in-game currency to purchase more resources to craft various other items. Every realm houses different enemies with different collectible resources. Terraria has a hard mode and an expert mode that further increase the difficulty of the game and increase the enemies’ defense, offense, and overall resilience. These modes can be accessed only once the player has gathered enough experience and skill to combat such enemies successfully.

Controls: 4

Some of the basic controls in Terraria are given below. These controls are applicable exclusively to the classic controller of the Wii U.

To use an item or attack, click Z, R. To interact or activate something, press the A button. To aim, use the right analog stick. To jump, press either the B button or L3. To grapple, click Z, L. Click X to open the inventory. To pause the game, click +. To open the full map, click -.

Replay Value: 4.5

The power given to the players to maneuver themselves through the game as they please, is one of the factors that contribute to Terraria’s replay value. The average gamer has spent anywhere between 50 and 300 hours playing Terraria over days. The game gets updates frequently, which keep its player base eager and expectant for newer features, maps, and more.


Terraria has been quite a hit with its player base. Compared frequently to other popular 2D crafting games such as Minecraft, it has created a niche for itself as a game that is enjoyable to play for a vast range of players. Its sandbox adventure characteristic is its main reason for being as popular as it is amongst gamers.


Terraria has swept its player base off its feet with its complex gameplay and interesting features. The game has been quite a success for Engine Software.

Pros : Vast range of biomes, and good maps
Crafting system is limitless
Combat options are quite expansive: all sorts of mobs and bosses are available to fight

Cons : Multiplayer mode lags often
The lack of tutorials makes it difficult for firsttime players

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3


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