Sonic Forces

  • Release date: 11/7/2017
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Content rating: ESRB E 10+
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  • Release date: 11/7/2017
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre: Action
  • Content rating: ESRB E 10+
  • Features: 1 player

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Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces

Sonic Team
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Sonic Forces Review – New Adventures About Sonic

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Professional Review

Sonic Forces is a project from a famous series. In this game, you will go on a new adventure with Sonic and fight with his old enemies. During the development of the game, all elements were improved. Download Sonic Forces and enjoy the game on Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 4

The graphics look very good, making you feel nostalgic. Visually familiar levels presented at new angles look amazing, and, therefore, you often just want to stop and look around.

The screenshots in the game are bright, colorful, and you will immediately want to use them as wallpaper. A pleasant soundtrack that accompanies the game makes the gameplay all the more exciting.

Gameplay: 4

Sonic Forces is a new game about Sonic, in which you can create your own character with the help of the most powerful gadgets, rush at insane speed through the ruins with Modern Sonic, and perform incredible stunts on dangerous platforms with Classic Sonic.

Dr. Eggman with the help of the mysterious villain almost conquered the world. Your task is to gather an army and fight him off. You will need to go through a difficult storyline to win a hard battle. In Sonic Forces, you can control a classic character. Or just create your own character and fight enemies with the use of various devices.

The game is considered to be a continuation of the series and has become even better than its predecessors. It is released for the Nintendo Switch platform, and full compatibility is guaranteed with the console. Immerse yourself in the rapid gameplay with three different styles, explore the classic levels, and fight in brand new ones, playing for Shadow.

Controls: 4.5

According to the Sonic Forces review, it is very easy to control the game. Using the left controller, you can control the movement, while the right controller is responsible for hitting, jumping, accelerating, and turning the camera.

On the left, there is a screenshot button — for creating screenshots, and on the right, there is the Home button that will take you to the menu. Joy cons can capture the movement of hands, which is convenient, for example, when aiming.

Replay Value: 3.5

Sonic Forces is not that popular among the players as other games of the series. Perhaps, if there were no other Sonic games in recent years, any game about a blue hedgehog and his companions would have looked good. But having an excellent Sonic Mania that came out right before Sonic Forces, I don’t want to recommend the latter. If you want to get real cool emotions from Sonic, then play Mania.

The Bottom Line

Modern 3D stages of the game are great and show you what the game could have been. Classic 2D gameplay is the worst part of the three characters. The design of levels has also been poor. Unfortunately, the efforts of the team to create another cool game about Sonic were not successful.

If you’re a real fan of Sonic, then you may still download Sonic Forces because that’s what everyone who has nostalgic feelings does. It is not worth paying $29.99 to buy this game because there are better games in the series.


Sonic Forces is not exactly what everyone expected. Hopefully, the developers will improve the game and make it more interesting to play.

Pros : A good idea with the avatar;
A successful connection between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional levels;
Some stages turned out really good.

Cons : Monotonous additional content;
Uninteresting plot.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.0


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